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STUDENTS: Your new Husky One Cards will be available for pick up when you arrive back on campus!

(P.S. If you've been through our orientation program, you're all set with your new card!)

Pick up dates: 8/21-8/28
Pick up location: UConn Field House
Pick up times vary, see link for specifics.

Getting to campus early? We've got you covered too: https://onecard.uconn.edu/uconn-id-re-card-faqs/
1 day
#MeetTheResearcher: UConn physicist Carlos Trallero is a pioneer in a field of research that uses high-power lasers to investigate atomic and molecular physical phenomena.
4 days
We're getting closer to the Student Recreation Center Grand Opening!

Join us Sunday, August 25 at 6pm to check out our new facility.
4 days
Yellowstone National Park and the UConn Forest look nothing alike but both speak to the same point: disturbances in the ecosystem drastically alter the landscape. Lessons from one may inform the other.

More: https://today.uconn.edu/2019/08/yellowstone-landscape-lessons/
5 days
Business interests do not currently figure into decisions about listing species under the Endangered Species Act, but new rules could change that. What role does economics play in wildlife decisions? Mark Urban of UConn, dives in.
6 days
The internet, particularly social media, is an outrage factory that increases political arrogance and tribalism, says UConn Humanities Institute-UCHI's Michael Lynch in his new book, Know-It-All Society.
1 week
Hey #UConnNation, we can't wait to have you back on campus in a few short weeks! Be sure to brush up on arrival information before you head back to campus.

1 week
Walnuts (yes, walunuts) may offer protection against ulcerative colitis, according to a new study by researchers UConn Health.
1 week
“Participation in recreation and fitness welcomes people into a community and, at the end of the day, what do we all want? We want to belong,” said UConn Recreation Executive Director Cyndi Costanzo ’88 (CLAS). “We want to be part of something, and this center will provide a fun, inclusive environment for anyone. There are not many places like that.”

Story: https://today.uconn.edu/2019/08/student-recreation-center-change-campus-culture-landscape/
1 week
“We are excited to see so many positive health and safety policy changes for high school athletes across the nation,” says Doug Casa, CEO of the Korey Stringer Institute. “Many key advocates in states have made strides to push the envelope and make sports safer for those kids – and we are so grateful for their efforts.”
1 week
'Tracking and analyzing social media activity in real-time is helping to better monitor, engage and amplify those social media conversations around brands, markets, products or influencers.'
1 week
Team Impact, a national nonprofit, matches children with serious and chronic illnesses with college athletic teams. UConn has the most pairings of any Division 1 school in the country. | #UConnMag
1 week
UConn has a tradition of painting certain rocks around campus as an outlet to show school spirit and pride in individual clubs/organizations. Any guesses as to how many coats of paint are on this thing? #UConnViews
1 week
STORRS- A hazardous situation has occurred at the Baseball hitting and pitching facility on Calhoun Way. Avoid this area due to gas leak. Go to alert.uconn.edu
2 weeks
Gabriella Medvick ’18 (SFA), was one of the 12 lucky hotdoggers hired to cruise the 27-foot-long bright yellow and orange Oscar Mayer Wienermobile cross country for the past year. #UConnMag
2 weeks
August construction update 🚧
2 weeks
“You just want to farm. You don’t want to be a salesman, but that’s half of the job. UConn Extension helps with that. The networking and assistance in finding buyers is huge, and has been the most beneficial part of our involvement with Extension."
2 weeks
So you're a UConn fan... Think you can answer these four #UConnMag trivia questions correctly?

Good luck.
2 weeks
Grammy-winning composer Kenneth Fuchs shares with students the lessons he’s learned from industry giants — and from his beloved high school band director. | #UConnMag
2 weeks
UConn bound Huskies, the Common App is now live.

Start your application here: https://www.commonapp.org/
2 weeks
A very important introduction happened today.

Jonathan the Husky, meet President Katsouleas.
President Katsouleas, meet UConn's resident good boy.
2 weeks
Thomas Katsouleas officially begins his presidency at UConn today.

We sat down with him to talk about out what drew him to UConn, his thoughts on higher education’s future, and his joy at the opportunity to lead a university he has admired.
2 weeks
#UConnMag | "I joined the UConn Consulting Group, and that has been one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to me," says Shane Yount '21 (BUS).

His advice to incoming students? "Get involved, put yourself out there, and challenge yourself with new things and new groups, because you learn so much and you grow as a person, and you meet people that are just going to be there for you and be so important in your college life."
3 weeks
Faculty/Staff: New Husky One Cards are ready for pickup!

UConn employees can pick up their new cards starting today, Monday, July 15, at the One Card Office in room 207 of the Wilbur Cross Building from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Cards for employees and staff at regional campuses plus UConn Health (for those that already had a UConn ID) and UConn Law may also pick cards up in Storrs until further notice.

For more: https://today.uconn.edu/2019/07/new-husky-one-cards-ready-employee-pickup/
3 weeks
“Curiosity is key” is the motto that took Ben Curtis ’06 (CLAS) from interning with the New York Yankees his senior year to celebrating at the Oscars. Click on the link in our bio for more! | #UConnMag
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