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Tucked just off of Route 195 south of campus, UConn’s Conifer Collection hosts hundreds of trees, the fruits of Sidney Waxman’s hunts. Waxman, a plant science professor, was a pioneer of propagating dwarf varieties of pine. #UConnMag
1 day
Fifteen days and nights of continuous sunlight, followed by 15 days and nights of continuous darkness. Passing meteorites that frequently strike the ground and kick up debris. Radiation unfiltered by any sort of atmosphere. One-sixth of the Earth’s gravity, no air pressure to speak of, and persistently occurring moonquakes.

Conditions on the moon are harsh, to say the least. That's why UConn researchers are helping NASA develop resilient, deep-space habitats.

1 day
“Impressions of this state, people may think of prep schools, the Gold Coast, hedge fund managers, maybe the elite. Yet the university represents something that is the polar opposite. It is about hard work.”

UConn Baseball Coach Jim Penders knows the importance of hard work. He's close to surpassing his mentor, Coach Andy Baylock, for most wins in program history. Read more at the Hartford Courant:

2 days
Congratulations to surgeon-scientist Dr. Cato T. Laurencin of #UConn and UConn Health and physics professor Nora Berrah for being elected as members to the historic and prestigious American Academy of Arts and Sciences!

2 days
'The first philosopher that inspired me was Socrates... It was his way of debating that drove me to become a philosophy major and inspired me to pursue this degree.' - Caesar Valentin '20 (UConn College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)
3 days
“What’s a UConn horticulture major doing talking about cremation?”

Dave Barnett ’78 (CAHNR) has worked at Mount Auburn for 25 years, the last 10 as president and CEO. The cemetery was the first of its kind—one for the dead and the living. It was a model for other cemeteries and inspired the public park movement across the U.S. #UConnMag
3 days
UConn Health was represented on the MLB Network for #JackieRobinsonDay!

Dr. Biree Andemariam, an alum of the The Jackie Robinson Foundation scholar program, was inspired to emulate #Jackie42's courage and dedication in her commitment to the treatment of #sicklecelldisease.
Video: https://www.mlb.com/video/jackie-robinson-foundation
4 days
UConn marketing professor Debanjan Mitra says companies are using "umbrella branding" to circumvent government marketing regulations designed to safeguard vulnerable investors from bad decision-making. https://today.uconn.edu/2019/04/brands-circumventing-marketing-regulations/
6 days
UConn Science Salon: Join our panel of experts this National DNA Day for a discussion on what gene modification might mean for the future of genetics.

📅April 25
📍Connecticut Science Center
1 week
'I look at fashion as an art form... I'm a psychology major and I've always wanted to know, psychologically, how people will use fashion to express themselves.' - Charles Hernandez '20 (UConn College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)
1 week
Congratulations to Wanjiku Gatheru '20 (CAHNR), one of only 62 students in the entire country to be named a 2019 Truman Scholar, an award bestowed on undergraduates who have devoted themselves to public service. She is just the seventh Truman Scholar in UConn history, and joins 2018 winner Akshayaa Chittibabu '19 (CLAS) as the first consecutive Truman Scholarship winners at UConn in more than 30 years.
1 week
Congratulations to School of Fine Arts Professor of Photography Janet L. Pritchard on being awarded a prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship, which will support her work on the Connecticut River landscape:
1 week
Top of the World is awarding a class hat and t-shirt to the school with the most declarations! What are you waiting for, future Huskies? Declare now at https://declarationdays.com/ 🙌 #DeclarationDays #UConnBound
1 week
1 week
Between being a bass player for the Tony-award winning musical "The Band's Visit" and Sara Bareille's band, Alexandra Eckhardt '11 (CLAS, ED) is always trying to think of the next thing as a freelance musician.

"It’s nuts but it’s fun.” #UConnMag
1 week
Registration for the messiest game of the year closes in 1 week. Sign up now then head over to the recreation center to brush up on your OOzeball skills!

Click to register→https://saa.rso.uconn.edu/oozeball/
1 week
A proposal to create a reward system to encourage students to attend wellness events on campus was the winner of a campus-wide UConn Student Health Services Wellness Case Competition at the 2nd annual UConn Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Stakeholders Call to Action Program.
1 week
'The first historical event that inspired me to want to pursue political science here at UConn was when I learned about imperialism and colonization during the year 1492.' - Brianna McClure '19 (UConn College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)
1 week
Do you know as much as King of UConn Trivia Tom Breen ’00 (CLAS)? Challenge yourself to Tom's Trivia about UConn history! #UConnMag
1 week
We're teaming up with Top of the World to help you declare UConn as your new home this fall! Learn more about #DeclarationDays and how you can win a $5,000 scholarship at: https://declarationdays.com/ #UConnBound
2 weeks
The final numbers are in -- and trust us, they are worth celebrating!

During the 36 hours of #UConnGives, more than 4,600 alumni, students, faculty/staff, parents and friends raised more than $400,000 to support the university we love. Thank you, #UConnNation. We couldn't have done it without you!

Read more about our success: http://bit.ly/2WOOYiK
2 weeks
Let's go UConn Women's Basketball 🙌
2 weeks
UConn President Susan Herbst shared her story with NBC Connecticut of how lower neck pain led her to seek treatment with Dr. Hilary Onyiuke of UConn Health's Comprehensive Spine Center.
2 weeks
UConn Health colorectal surgeon Dr. Eric Girard says use of the new da Vinci Xi Robotic Surgery System can translate to 'people feeling better faster and getting back to their families and their jobs sooner.'
2 weeks
Meet Theo Felopulos: Campus tour guide, real estate major, and UConn trivia aficionado
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