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New research from Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) and King’s College in London found users often adopt different personas unique to each social network.
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It's less than a week away from Thrive Fit Fest 2019! At this one-day fitness festival you'll be able to:

✅ Try a fitness class you've wanted to take
✅ Participate in a health and wellness screening
✅ Get nutritional tips and cooking demonstrations

Best of all - we're giving you the opportunity to attend for FREE. Read more:
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“Patients are told to lose weight to have a healthy baby,” - “But it’s possible that by doing so, you may be at higher risk for complications than you were before.”
– Dr. Richard S. Legro, professor of public health services and chair of obstetrics and gynecology at Penn State Health.

1 day
We’re proud to be recognized by U.S. News and World Report once again, but honored by the patients who choose us each day. Read more about our nationally-ranked hospital and services:
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Penn State Health is made up of a dedicated and diverse group of employees committed to serving our community. Meet a security guard Penn State Health St. Joseph ¬― Downtown Campus and find out why he’s proud to work here.
2 days
#MedicalMythMonday - Won’t I get fewer pimples if I wash my face more often?
Dr. Diane Thiboutot, dermatologist at Penn State Health, explains the differences between causes and effects of acne.
2 days
#MedicalMythMonday - If I have epilepsy should I forget about driving?
Dr. Tiffany Fisher, neurologist at Penn State Health Epilepsy Center, says driving is not out of the question under certain conditions.
2 days
Vaping mania is a disturbing teen age trend. But could e-cig candy flavors and peer pressure be a superhighway to conventional cigarettes and all their ills?
2 days
#MedicalMythMonday - Isn’t heart disease just an old people problem?
Prevention is the best policy at any age, according to Dr. Mark Kozak, interventional cardiologist at Penn State Heart and Vascular Institute.
3 days
Since its founding, Penn State College of Medicine has required medical students to participate in mentored research as part of the curriculum. The medical student research program is one of the longest running in the country — and most productive. Members of the Class of 2018 were published more than 150 times.
5 days
If you have a brief pain in your chest and left side that goes away, should you get checked? A 16-second answer from Dr. Michael Pfeiffer.

Learn more about Penn State Heart and Vascular Institute here:
6 days
According to researchers, there are seven key measures of heart health that may help predict future risk of cardiovascular disease.
6 days
Although aging is the most common cause of erectile dysfunction, it can sometimes be a sign of something more. During this Men’s Health Week, urological surgeon Dr. Susan MacDonald breaks down the stigma surrounding ED and encourages open conversations. Read more in our Medical Minute:
6 days
Penn State Researchers are the first to employ whole genome sequencing to study the food-borne bacteria #BacillusCereus, which strikes more than 60,000 Americans every year.
1 week
Dr. Kevin Black, vice dean of the College of Medicine’s University Park Regional Medical Campus and the C. McCollister Evarts Chair and Professor in the Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, has been named interim dean and will take over for Dr. Craig Hillemeier July 1. Hillemeier, dean of the college and senior vice president for health affairs and chief executive officer of Penn State Health, will retire at the end of the 2018-19 academic year.

“I am greatly honored to assume responsibilities as interim dean of the Penn State College of Medicine. I look forward to working closely with the leadership of Penn State Health, the University and our College of Medicine to develop a sustainable model that will allow us to achieve continued excellence in each of our missions now and for the future,” Black said. Read more here:
1 week
A team of researchers led by Penn State found that among adults with depression, those who had experienced stress in the previous 24 hours had worse endothelial function — a process that helps regulate blood flow — than those with depression alone.
1 week
What are some of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis?
A 45-second answer from Dr. Gary Thomas.

Learn more about multiple sclerosis care at Penn State Health here:
1 week
Do you like walnuts? A new study from Penn State found walnuts have a major impact on cardiovascular disease.

Researchers from Penn State University found consuming whole walnuts each day as part of a diet low in saturated fat can reduce blood pressure and the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease for those at risk.
1 week
Millions of seniors get comfort and companionship from dogs. But their impulsive behavior on a leash can cause broken bones that may be hard to recover from fully.
1 week
#MedicalMythMonday - Can any mental illness ever completely go away?

Not all conditions are lifetime challenges, according to Dr. James Waxmonsky, chief of child psychiatry at Penn State Health.
1 week
#MedicalMythMonday - I heard they found a cure for #MacularDegeneration.
Dr. Ingrid U. Scott, retina specialist at Penn State Health, outlines steps to take for the best outcome.
1 week
A study conducted in 2016 by Penn State University suggested viewing other users' photos lowered self-esteem, as users were constantly comparing themselves to photos of others who appeared at their happiest.
1 week
What lifestyle restrictions come with spinal stimulation devices? A 25–second answer from Dr. Michael Sather, neurosurgeon, Penn State Health.
1 week
#MedicalMythMonday Isn’t lupus just a woman’s disease?

Dr. Nancy Olsen, chief, Division of Rheumatology at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, provides the statistics by gender.
1 week
Sick of dieting and not getting results? Tracking your #calories on your mobile device can be far more effective than expensive programs or unsustainable fads.
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