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You've got so much going on in your life.

Online learner = master juggler, right?
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"Chag sameach" to our Penn State World Campus friends & family who are celebrating Passover this evening. May your holiday be kosher and full of joy!
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Sometimes we just need to take some time to ourselves and break free from stress. See how these students like to relax when classes and homework become overwhelming:
1 day
A group of scholars, including Julie Reed, a historian of Native American history at Penn State and a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, have translated messages left on a cave wall in Alabama by a Cherokee stickball team just a few years before Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act.
2 days
We've been hard at work on something new you might see on a screen near you soon—let us know what you think in the comments!
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As an online learner, it is important to keep your personal information safe and secure. Check out the latest email phishing scams and review our expert tips to help protect your identity online:

✅Be wary
✅Confirm Before You Click
✅Details Matter

Remember, Penn State will NEVER ask you for your password, social security number, or other sensitive information via email.
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It's time to cast your vote in the first World Campus Student Government election!

Use this link, login with your access account, and then select 'World Campus Student Government Association Election' to cast your votes.
3 days
Wondering why that photo of a black hole looks the way it does? PSU professor Derek Fox explains:
4 days
We Are…excited to welcome the members of the Penn State World Campus Student Advisory Board to University Park. These students are in town attending the Spring 2019 Inservice, where they had the opportunity to visit the campus, volunteer for a charity 5K, and enjoy an ice cream social in addition to the various inservice sessions.
4 days
In honor of World Art Day, here's a shot of Heinz Warneke working on the base of our absolute favorite work of art, the Pennstate Nittany Lion shrine! Dedicated in 1942, the Lion Shrine was the gift of the class of 1940 and is carved out of a 13-ton block of Indiana limestone.
4 days
Yeah, we all can relate to this ⤵️⤵️⤵️
5 days
Our most inspiring moments come from our students. Here are a few reasons why they have chosen to study through Penn State World Campus:
6 days
Football is finally making its way back to Happy Valley today with the annual Blue-White Game! Kickoff is at 3 p.m. EST!

Catch the game on the Big Ten Network delayed at 8 p.m. EST. Will you be watching? #WeAre!
6 days
We're having some word fun on National Scrabble Day. It's your turn. What word are you playing?
1 week
Penn State World Campus Mad Libs time! Graduation will be here before you know it—will you be attending? If so, who's coming with you—your kids? Your grandparents? The whole family? What plans do you have while you're in University Park? An ice cream cone at the Creamery? A visit to the Lion Shrine? The possibilities are endless!
1 week
Here's a second round of photos from our students who traveled to Croatia to learn about international HR. The group visited a company that's one of the country's largest food exporters to learn about their HR practices and they talked to employees of a trade union who are advocating for better working conditions. They ended their trip with a visit to a car manufacturer and a national park.

It looks like everyone had a fantastic time!
1 week
We're excited to announce a new program for the master's in strategic management and executive leadership.

In partnership with the Smeal College of Business, this degree is aimed at educating the next generation of corporate leaders.
1 week
One of our biggest supporters, Dr. Antone Aboud, is being honored for his dedication with the Penn State's Shirley Hendrick Award, which recognizes individuals who have contributed to the success of adult learners across the university.

Dr. Aboud oversees the degree programs offered online through the Penn State School of Labor and Employment Relations. His colleagues say he's always thinking of ways to strengthen his students' Penn State experience, and this video clip is a perfect example.

Congratulations, Dr. Aboud!
1 week
Do you have a sibling who has supported you throughout your Penn State journey? Comment with a picture to thank them for always being there!
1 week
Are you passionate about creating awareness of mental health issues? If you're looking to take more action to help, the Penn State World Campus Active Minds club may be the community for you!
1 week
Congrats to Penn State Online MBA's Stacey Lynn Dorang Peeler on being named the 2019 Staff Excellence Award winner!
1 week
We Are full of pride! Since many students are not enrolled in the summer, Penn State campuses across the commonwealth are celebrating Campus Pride Month with events, workshops, lectures, and more. 🏳️‍🌈
📸: Penn State
1 week
Cardamom, ginger and turmeric might not seem like traditional ice cream flavors, but with an education from Penn State's ice cream course, Malai Ice Cream is honoring their culture and serving up deliciousness. 🍦
1 week
"If you are thinking of finishing your degree or coming back to school, know that it can be done; however, planning and time management are important." Learn how Adriana prioritizes family, work, and her nutritional sciences coursework on our blog:
1 week
Looking to transfer credits to Penn State World Campus? Interested in trying out a sample MBA course? We’ve got you covered! Check out this month’s upcoming events:
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