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1 week
Series 9 of "Ask and Tell" covers Priorities. Listen to two CSC Program Managers, Sydney Collier and Brice Hounshel, discuss how priorities have changed over time in their own lives and how they have learned from those changes
2 weeks
Registration for Global Days of Service on April 6th ends in ten minutes at 12pm but if you would still like to volunteer tomorrow email (and sign up for service on April 20th!)
2 weeks
Let’s make history together and stand up for something while we do it. Join the Community Service Center and BU Student Government for Ten.10.X on Thursday April 4th from 1:40 to 1:50 PM. At 10 stations across campus for 10 minutes, we will impact the lives of at least 10,000 people by writing messages of support for survivors of sexual assault and against the proposed changes to Title IX. Please visit for more information on these topics as well as to submit messages online.
2 weeks
As the Community Service Center, we greatly appreciate our donors and your gift helps us continue to run our programs and engage students in service. As it's BU Giving Day, extra funds are up for grabs so your gift will go even further! Follow this link to donate:
4 weeks
Apply to be a Global Days of Service Partner Leader! Global Days of Service includes two days of service on April 6th and April 20th, in which students can volunteer with a variety of nonprofits throughout the Greater Boston Area. As a Partner Leader, you would lead a group of students to volunteer with one our amazing partners (on one or both days, your choice!) while also gaining valuable experience and having fun. Fill out a short application and learn more at Applications are due Monday March 25th at 5pm!
1 month
Ten days left to apply to FYSOP Staff Leader for FYSOP 30! Apply here by March 24th
1 month
Two weeks left to apply to be a CSC Program Manager! Program Managers work on a team to develop and deliver community engagement, service, education, and reflection experiences for the BU community. Find out more information about available positions on our website (applications are due March 22nd)!
1 month
Apply to be a FYSOP Staff leader today! Staff leaders engage in two weeks of programming centered around community engagement, service, and education from August 21-30, 2019. They will work as a team to lead 10-15 first-year students throughout the week of FYSOP, provide information, and work to establish connections with Boston, community organizations, our campus, and each other. There is no FYSOP experience necessary to apply, just a passion for helping others and interest in the community at large. Applications are due by Sunday, March 24th! (
1 month
Alternative Service Breaks (ASB) embarks on another week of community engagement, education, and reflection in just two weeks! Storyteller Paige Hill writes about why ASB is a valuable experience that students should consider and how they can sign up for trips still accepting volunteers. Read her story here:
and register for a trip here:
1 month
Come to the CSC TOMORROW (February 20th, 2019) from 5-7pm for a documentary screening and discussion about food waste with guests from the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic, the Daily Table, Food for Free and Neighborhood Produce.
2 months
We now have a Little Library in the CSC where you can take a book, leave a book! Come to the 4th floor of the GSU to check it out
2 months
The CSC Siblings is helping to recruit Bigs for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay! They are especially looking for male Bigs. More information can be found at, 617-956-0275, or by emailing Chris Woods directly at
4 months
Series 8 of "Ask and Tell" is about Gratitude. Listen to two members of the Community Service Center office team talk about what it means, how we express it, and the impact of gratitude on our lives.
4 months
ASB Registration is OPEN!
4 months
Deadline for Global Day of Service Chair has been extended until this Monday December 3rd! Don't miss out on this awesome leadership opportunity! Link to application here:
4 months
Visit us in the GSU Link on Friday, November 30th from 10-4pm and talk about World Aids Day!
4 months
ASB Info Fair is this Sunday at 8am and we have an Info fair tomorrow in the GSU Backcourt from 7:30-9:30!
4 months
"Ask and Tell," the CSC's podcast, is back with the first series of the year, titled Growth. Listen to three BU students discuss growth in their lives through short personal stories. Listen here:
4 months
Read storyteller Sam Nelson's story on the recent CSC dining hall fundraiser, coordinated by CSC Program Manager Hannah Sabitoni. Learn about food insecurity in Boston, the organizations that combat it, and how students can get involved.
7 months
Learn more about applying for our Alternative Service Break leadership opportunities at
Deadlines for ASB Chair positions are TODAY September 10th and ASB Coordinator applications are due on September 21st!
9 months
Our College Town FYSOP Co-Coordinators went on a visit to Allston to visit a local business and vlogged their rainy experience! Register for FYSOP!
9 months
Thanks for a great four sessions of orientations BU 2022!! We can't wait to see you again!
9 months
Take a look at our FYSOP team exploring Somerville and learn about one of Boston's many neighborhoods!

Sign up for FYSOP here:
10 months
Happy Monday everyone! Here are more reasons why we love FYSOP!

Donate to our crowdfunding campaign here:
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